Increase the Durability of Memory Foam Mattress

How to Increase the Durability of Memory Foam Mattress?

October 25, 2022

The comfort of a memory foam mattress is something we all wish could have lasted forever. On average, a memory foam mattress lasts 7 years, whereas a good quality memory foam mattress could last for ten years. The care element matters a lot when deciding the durability of a memory foam mattress. Depending on how you maintain your mattress, the durability of the mattress can be improved.  

5 Ways to Make Your Memory Foam Mattress Last Longer

Way 1. Rotating The Mattress

The weight can be evenly distributed across the mattress surface once you rotate the memory foam mattress. It also helps a lot in preventing the development of sagging or lumps. The rotation of the mattress should be done once every two months or six months. The mattress should be rotated 180 degrees so that the head should be where your feet used to be for the last two months. After a few months, try to rotate it again. 

Way 2. Make Use Of A Mattress Protector

Always buy a mattress protector when you purchase a new memory foam mattress. The mattress protector plays a crucial role in preventing your new mattress from unexpected stains, bacteria, dust mites, and dirt, which could impact its durability. You need not worry about spills soaking into your new mattress with a mattress protector. If you are someone who eats while in bed, then the possibility of bodily oils, skin flakes, liquids, and food messes is high. For such people, a mattress protector is a necessity rather than a choice.

Way 3. Remove Stains Immediately

The importance of a perfect mattress in allowing the person to get a good sleep cannot be ignored. Spills could happen at the most unexpected moment. Instead of allowing it to dry on the mattress, you should remove the bedding or any protectors from the mattress and should put it for washing. Vacuum and spot-clean the mattress if you find any visible stains in the mattress. 

Way 4. Regularly Wash Your Bedding And Keep The Bed Free From Pets

Your mattress and bedding are both equally important. It is desirable to regularly wash the sheets, blankets, and mattress cover, all of which help to keep them fresh. Allowing the pets to roam and rest on the bed is also not desirable. You invite potential germs, bugs, and bacteria into the memory foam mattress where you fall asleep. It would be best if you also prevent your children from bouncing in the bed since it is unsafe and can reduce the durability of your memory foam mattress. 

Way 5. A Stronger Frame Is Required

The memory foam mattress is essential, and the bed frame used also determines the mattress’s durability. Ensure that you use a strong bed frame that can prevent the mattress’s sagging, lumps, and bumps in the longer term. Bed frames are available in different shapes and styles. 


The tips mentioned earlier can help a lot in helping your favorite memory foam mattress to last longer than expected. If you are looking for a top-quality memory foam mattress, you can choose the one that matches your requirements from Centerton Mattress Store.