How To Maintain Your Spring Mattress

Know The Ways To Take Care Of Spring Mattress

July 20, 2022

Buying a comfortable spring mattress can help you get undisturbed goodnight sleep. A little care and maintenance can help ensure your mattress stays in good shape for years and prevent spillage. As one of the top mattress providers, we also make sure to inform individuals about the guidelines to follow after getting a mattress. Going through the sections will help you know the ways to take care of spring mattresses. 

Use A Protector To Cover Your Mattress

Mattress protectors shield the mattress from contaminants like dust mites, moisture, and other toxins. The majority of mattress protectors are machine washable, water resistant, and designed to withstand spills. They will also keep your mattress dry and stop fungus from growing. The mattress protectors act as a shielding layer and ensure that the bed bugs are kept out.

Provide The Required Support To The Mattress

A new spring mattress needs to be supported by a foundation to prevent sagging. You can choose a flexible base or bed frame with the correct number of slats in order to ensure that your spring mattress has the proper support. This will definitely help to preserve its integrity and also avoid premature wear.

Cleaning Your Bedsheets Is A Must

You should wash your bedsheets and blankets once in a while, depending on how much time you spend in bed. It’s crucial to maintain clean linens even if your mattress is protected. Wash the mattress protector while complying with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Use Fabric Conditioner To Clean The Mattress

You can use a fabric conditioner to remove spills or stains from a spring mattress unless the mattress manufacturer advises differently. Follow the instructions on the conditioner’s packaging while applying it.

Do Not Bend, Fold Or Drag Your Mattress

Do not fold or bend your mattress unless it is specifically designed to do so (for example, if it is entirely made of foam or cotton). You must not distort your mattress at the corners when placing sheets on it or moving it. You should also avoid sitting on the edge or corners of the mattress.

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